• Certified industrial engineers who work safely and efficiently

    Our vast experience, industry certification and professional outlook make us the ideal choice for all your electrical needs.You can trust us to work on-site independently, meeting your programme goals.

  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting

    Our conventional and addressable fire alarms are available with integrated emergency lighting.State of the art technology pinpoints the incident zone for maximum safety.

  • Fault finding

    We offer a full fault finding, periodic testing and inspection service.Our NICEIC approved electricians recommend corrective measures if anything is deemed unsafe.

  • Data installation and cabling

    We can service all your network infrastructure needs.This includes both data and fibre optic cabling.

  • CCTV

    We install both traditional and addressable CCTV systems.

  • Power lighting and design

    We offer state of the art, energy efficient lighting systems that are the safest on the market.

  • Inspection and testing

    We follow a thorough four step process to inspect and test your system and inform you of issues identified.This can be simply summarised as follows: Electrical installation testing and inspection, Fault rectification with prior client approval, Provision of relevant certification, Compilation of fault reports and repair cost estimates ,

  • PAT testing

    Electrical appliances must be safe and properly maintained to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Manufacturers recommend testing at regular intervals.The regularity of tests depends on the type of appliance and the environment of use.Our skilled engineers will ensure a safe working environment for all your staff.

  • Single-phase and three-phase distribution

    Industrial and commercial premises naturally use a large amount of power.To cope with this, three-phase or poly-phase 415 volt distribution is required.We have a wealth of experience in the safe installation of the requisite cabling.

  • Cable containment

    Safe electrical containment is essential for any business.This may be heavy duty or compartment-containment to prevent EMF disruption.Our experts can design and implement this for you, or simply advise you on a reliable solution.

  • Large cable installations

    Our team are well versed in safe use of SWA cables for industrial installations.Cable sizes vary from 2.5mm to 400mm.

  • Maintenance and repairs

    We are always on hand to maintain or repair broken or faulty equipment.

  • Energy efficient solutions

    State of the art technology allows you to save money safely and efficiently.The environment will thank you too, as you see a dramatic reduction in your carbon footprint.